The Ultimate Auto Emergency Kit Checklist

There is hardly any car owner that wants to encounter emergencies while driving, but they are inevitable. The best thing is to be prepared by packing an auto emergency kit. Although pre-packaged ked ones are available, they may not contain everything that you need. In this wise, it should be packed according to the current weather and the state of your car. Let’s take a look at some of the important items that should be in your car kit.

·First aid kit

It’s expected to be in every auto emergency kit. The best ones usually contain items like hand sanitizer, antiseptic ointment, gauze pads, cotton balls and aspirin. You need to know how to use each item properly. As a matter of fact, lives can be saved before medical assistance will arrive.


Even if your mobile device has a torch feature, always pack a waterproof flashlight with extra batteries. This is because using your smartphone can drain the juices quickly and it may be your only means of communication.

·Mobile phone with USB charger

Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged before setting out on your trip. It offers a mean of interacting with your loved ones so that they won’t be worried. You can easily contact an auto repair shop with it too. In addition, a USB charger or solar charger should always be in your vehicle.

·Fire extinguisher

A small fire extinguisher that is rated Class B and Class C is … Read More

Top Challenges Faced by Small Automotive Businesses in 2018

The business world is challenging at the best of times, but as the world evolves and new challenges emerge, is your automotive business ready to adapt and evolve? Read on for a guide to some of the biggest challenges you might face in 2018 – and how to deal with them so your business is not adversely affected.

Top Challenges Faced by Small Automotive Businesses in 2018

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The automotive trade covers a wide range of businesses, ranging from car lots selling new and used vehicles, spare parts suppliers, auto repair shops, haulage companies, and manufacturers. This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of how broad the industry is. Because the industry is so large, it faces a number of threats and challenges. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Green Technology

Mankind is slowly waking up to the realization that we need to do more to protect the planet. Gas-guzzling automobiles are no longer acceptable and green vehicles with low or zero emissions are coming to the fore. People don’t want to drive automobiles that pump out toxins and poison their children. Instead, they are choosing hybrid or electric vehicles.

The switch to greener technology is having a far-reaching effect on the automotive industry. Car dealers are having to take this into account when adding new vehicles to their inventory. Auto repair shops must learn how to service and maintain cars with green technology and haulage companies need to adopt greener policies or face bad PR.

Efficiency and

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Benefits of Purchasing Motor Cycle Clothing Online

ATV clothing are said to be best purchased personally for the perfect option by people. But, the major fact that not everyone has the means or time to accomplish this task with ease gives you the access to buy them from the comfort of your home. Internet gives you the means to purchase all types of ATV clothing and gear online. And, this is not it! You have a lot more to gain and appreciate amidst.

Get enough savings to celebrate

Online shoppers for motorcycle clothing are sure to enjoy amazing savings and additional benefits for their money because of the big range of selection one can find online. This is major advantage that not all people realize. All you need to do is conduct a simple search and check out the different options and brands to choose from. Some of the major brands enlisted online are Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Husqvarna, KTM and more. A person can check out the brand and their specific clothing rage which he requires for he likes to wear as per his budget. It provides him a better fiscal bandwidth and the best choices without putting up a lot of effort. Whether you want protective gear or stylish jacket, jerseys or casual bike apparels, you can select from a wide range of clothing available online.

Enjoy similar quality of clothing range as bought from a retail store

The quality is one of the major expectations that need to be delivered by all producers. You … Read More

Things to Consider When Choosing An Auto Repair Shop In Edmonton

Things to Consider When Choosing An Auto Repair Shop In Edmonton

Many car owners find it challenging to choose the best auto repair shop that fits their needs, as well as offers outstanding services. Usually, there are so many auto spare shops making it hard to know which will serve you accordingly. This article gives you reliable tips that can help you find a professional auto shop in Edmonton.

1.Conduct prior research

It is inconveniencing when you urgently need auto spare services but you do not know the right shop to run to for emergency services. Taking the time to conduct research even when you are not in need of any repairs can help you. The reason to opt for this approach is because choosing an auto shop in a rush can lead you to making the wrong choice. As such, while on your normal routine, ask around for particular services from different shops to have a clear list of where to get certain services whenever the need arises.

2.Understand all the given explanations

Auto spare shop attendants will give you information about the service you need. Usually, they will use language that is common in automotive industry and if you are not careful you may not understand several explanations. Therefore, ask the technicians for full explanation of all issues in a language you can understand. Such consideration ensures that you do not fall into any surprises when the work commences. Additionally, it gives you assurance that your chosen technician has the necessary knowledge about your vehicle’s particular issue.

3.Qualifications of

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College Application Process Tips

College Application Process Tips

Are you about to complete four rigorous years of high school and are ready to tackle the new challenges of an engineering degree? Congratulations are in order. There a multitude of career options available for engineers. Many universities offer a huge selection of engineering disciplines. The application process and ultimate decision on where to attend college for an engineering degree can be daunting. Follow these recommendations and strategies from the professional college admissions counselors to launch your college application process.

Don’t succumb to the notion that you must select an engineering concentration prior to applying to engineering schools. It’s nearly impossible to know which disciplines are appealing when, most likely, you’ve only been exposed to a few engineering disciplines. The objective is to present yourself as a strong candidate, knowing that you can explore your concentration options once accepted.

Take the opportunity during the summer before your senior year and fall of your senior year to visit the universities that you have on your list.  Limit your tours and applications to five universities. Any greater number and it will be difficult to submit quality applications or visit the universities. As you schedule tours and interviews at the universities on your list, take advantage of the deals offered by Groupon and enjoy the options offered by CityPass to truly get the flavor of the city where the university is located. The city can be as much of a learning lab as a university. The larger the metropolitan area, the greater the … Read More