College Application Process Tips

Are you about to complete four rigorous years of high school and are ready to tackle the new challenges of an engineering degree? Congratulations are in order. There a multitude of career options available for engineers. Many universities offer a huge selection of engineering disciplines. The application process and ultimate decision on where to attend college for an engineering degree can be daunting. Follow these recommendations and strategies from the professional college admissions counselors to launch your college application process.

Don’t succumb to the notion that you must select an engineering concentration prior to applying to engineering schools. It’s nearly impossible to know which disciplines are appealing when, most likely, you’ve only been exposed to a few engineering disciplines. The objective is to present yourself as a strong candidate, knowing that you can explore your concentration options once accepted.

Take the opportunity during the summer before your senior year and fall of your senior year to visit the universities that you have on your list.  Limit your tours and applications to five universities. Any greater number and it will be difficult to submit quality applications or visit the universities. As you schedule tours and interviews at the universities on your list, take advantage of the deals offered by Groupon and enjoy the options offered by CityPass to truly get the flavor of the city where the university is located. The city can be as much of a learning lab as a university. The larger the metropolitan area, the greater the options will be for internships and summer employments. Best of luck to you in identifying the university engineering program that best fits your needs and goals.

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