The business world is challenging at the best of times, but as the world evolves and new challenges emerge, is your automotive business ready to adapt and evolve? Read on for a guide to some of the biggest challenges you might face in 2018 – and how to deal with them so your business is not adversely affected.

Top Challenges Faced by Small Automotive Businesses in 2018

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The automotive trade covers a wide range of businesses, ranging from car lots selling new and used vehicles, spare parts suppliers, auto repair shops, haulage companies, and manufacturers. This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of how broad the industry is. Because the industry is so large, it faces a number of threats and challenges. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Green Technology

Mankind is slowly waking up to the realization that we need to do more to protect the planet. Gas-guzzling automobiles are no longer acceptable and green vehicles with low or zero emissions are coming to the fore. People don’t want to drive automobiles that pump out toxins and poison their children. Instead, they are choosing hybrid or electric vehicles.

The switch to greener technology is having a far-reaching effect on the automotive industry. Car dealers are having to take this into account when adding new vehicles to their inventory. Auto repair shops must learn how to service and maintain cars with green technology and haulage companies need to adopt greener policies or face bad PR.

Efficiency and Growth

“Lean” has become the latest buzzword in the business world. Businesses need to place a greater focus on lean operational efficiency or risk being side-lined by their customers. Smaller businesses are having to work even harder to maintain the same level of profit margin and the old ways of doing things are no longer relevant. It may not be practical to send your employers on a Six Sigma course, but you can still take steps to improve business efficiency and embrace technology solutions in the pursuit of innovation.


The world is becoming increasingly globalized. Automotive businesses can’t afford to ignore the globalization effect, or they risk being left behind. Unless you have a website and start marketing to a global audience, your customers may not take you seriously. For example, say you sell automotive OEM parts for big brand vehicles. Your local market is limited, but if you venture into the online world, you can start selling to customers nationwide and beyond. It’s the only way to stay competitive and grow the business.

The Same Old Problems

The rise of technology and globalization doesn’t mean that regular problems faced by small businesses have disappeared. You are just as likely to end up dealing with a dishonest member of staff or a supplier who unfairly hikes their product prices. You could even end up facing a criminal charge in your personal life, which necessitates hiring a Chicago criminal defense lawyer. These problems are universal, so don’t despair.

The automotive industry looks set to face some serious changes over the next few years. As long as you are prepared, you’ll have no problem killing the competition.

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